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About us


Due to our passion for Camping and Paragliding, we spend every free minute outside. Over the years we developed the desire (and the need, especially in the fall and winter time) to stretch the time being outdoors and enjoying nature no matter which season or temperature and under any weather conditions. To create something like the seat heating in cars was our goal. It was a long way of research and development, but finally our first product, the »Rump Warmer«, was born. Wireless with a powerful battery and warmed by healthy Infrared Heat, we now can enjoy sitting outside all year round. So what could have been more reasonable to do, than to also provide this outdoor amenity to our family, friends and eventually customers?

So get our field-tested products, too, and enjoy eco-friendly comfort outside!


Silke Niedzwetzki and Oliver Mossmann
Outchair Founder

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