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Frequently asked questions and answers

How long does a fully charged battery last?

Depending on the set level (low, medium, high), the battery provides 4 to 6 hours energy.

How long is the battery´s durability?

The battery´s durability will be a minimum of 400 charging cycles.

How warm do the products get?

Depending on the set level (low, medium, high), our products provide heating energy between 35° and 55° Celsius (9°- 131 °F).

How can I clean my product?

Our products are all water-resistant and can therefore be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

How can I charge the battery?

The battery can be charged with the supplied charging cable or with the 12V Car Charger on the road. Both are available as accessoires.

What is Infrared Heat and how does it work?

IR Light is one kind of the sun´s radiation that reaches the earth. In comparison to UV-Radiation and the IR-A and IR-B Light, the IR-C Light with which our technology works, is not harmful in any way. Quite the contrary, the IR-C or FIR Light, which also equates the human body heat, is used for therapeutic and healthy purposes.

Can I buy an additional battery?

Yes, the battery is available as an accessory.

How long is the battery´s charging process to be fully charged?

The charging time to Full Charged Mode is 4 hours.

Can the battery be charged with other cables that fit?

No. Due to different voltage ratios, the battery can only be charged with the supplied OUTCHAIR charging cable.

Can I charge the battery and heat my product at the same time?

No. To use the heating function for your product, the battery must be disconnected from charging.

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